Call for papers

As well as the general conference theme, the conference committee invites contributions relating to the following 6 specific topics:

  1. Corpora and academic language teaching
  2. Corpus-based lexicology
  3. Pragmatic studies on academic discourse
  4. Corpora, translation and terminology studies
  5. Tools for academic discourse studies
  6. Corpus linguistics and academic languages for specific purposes

Instructions for submissions

Submissions should present either complete research, or research in progress where at least some substantial results have been achieved. Submissions should be written according to the following guidelines:

  • We request abstracts of 250-300 words, excluding the word count for references. The abstract will be submitted for review and should be formatted as follows:
    • Surname, given name, affiliation, e-mail
    • Title, centred, bold, font Times New Roman 14 pts
    • Keywords, italics, font Times New Roman 12 pts, below the title
    • Main text, justified, font Times New Roman 12 pts, linear interspacing 1
    • References
  • The author(s) should assign the paper to one of the 6 specific topics mentioned above.

Presentations are accepted in English, Spanish or Catalan, but we welcome works about the study of any language. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2019.

To submit a proposal for the conference, please go to the CAAD'19 proposal portal on EasyChair at:

At your first visit, you will need to register for the conference proposal system, and thereafter you will be able to access the site with your user name and password. Individuals can submit more than one proposal but will be limited to two acceptances.